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Who: Seth Capper and Theodore Nott
Where: The Infirmary (where else?)
When: A day or two after the Vati/Theodore RP which was just posted
What: Tickling and the liberation of one very pent-up Slytherin

Theodore sipped on some orange juice as he read over the chapter in his Transfiguration class would be covering that week. It was so boring when your only regular visitors were the same faces. He tapped his foot in annoyance as he read, not really paying attention to his surroundings.

"Someone's getting testy," A familiar voice resounded as Seth plopped down next to Theo on the bed. They had sort of grown somewhat close over the daily sessions, and he didn't have a problem sitting right up against Theodore. After all, he had spent multiple nights holding the younger boy as he cried. "I brought you something," he proclaimed before he could be grumped at, setting a place of a pair of brownies, a chocolate chip cookie, and a mug of cocoa on the table by Theodore's side.

Any thoughts of a sharp reply were swallowed as Theodore lifted the mug of cocoa to his lips, taking a small sip. "Alright, I'll let you get away with that, then," he snorted. "But what is the special treatment all about? Vati is the only one who sneaks me sweets."

"I didn't sneak you anything," Seth countered, smiling at the way Theodore seemed to melt somewhat just at such a simple gesture. "I brought them to you. I've decided to let you ought on partial supervision as of this afternoon."

Theodore raised an eyebrow as he calmly nursed his hot chocolate. "What is partial supervision?" he asked, keeping to himself the excitement that the words 'let out' had indicted.

"You're expected to come and see me for an hour long visit on a daily basis. Other than that... so long as I have no reason to think that you're doing anything that could pose a problem... you're free to do as you wish."

"I have to willingly go see you for an hour a day?" Theodore snorted goodnaturedly, his eyes glinting with mirth. The mere idea of finally getting out of the infirmary had put him in a fabulous mood. He was still prone to melancholy moods, and the desire to spill blood had not abated by much, but it was not nearly as all-consuming thanks to Seth's counselling.

"Yes, willingly. If I have to force you into it... or you miss a session before I tell you you don't have to come... we start all over again, and you come back here." It was fair warning, and while harsh, he knew Theodore hated it here.

Theodore's eyes widened slightly at the threat. "I was joking, sheesh, I'll go to your stupid sessions," he mumbled into his cup, lowering his eyes to the coverlet as he took a deeper drink from the mug.

Seth slid up close by Theodore's side, sliding an arm around the boy's shoulders. "Good," he murmured. "I'm glad you're finally doing well enough that I can let you out of here, Theodore. I didn't like having to keep you cooped up in here."

Theodore rested his head easily against the man's shoulder. "I assure you, I liked it less," he murmured, taking another long drink of the cocoa once it was cool enough.

"I think it can only help you now, being out with your peers," Seth admitted, pressing a kiss to Theodore's temple. He honestly had grown rather affectionate for the boy after the past few weeks.

A soft sigh escaped Theodore's lips at the kiss, a faint smile playing over them. He was getting out of here. It was fabulous. He reached blindly for a cookie and dipped into his half-full mug of hot chocolate lazily before eating it in two bites.

Seth smiled at how content Theodore seemed to be. This was how things should've been. "This is going to be our session for today, so I'm here for an hour. After that, you can gather your things and get your pretty little arse out of here."

Theodore flushed slightly at that. He decided to simply ignore the implications of what the man had said, instead focusing his attention on other matters. "So are you going to make me talk about my 'feelings', or is this session just going to be you watching me drink hot chocolate?" he teased.

"I'm going to just sit here and watch you drink hot chocolate," Seth teased, grinning madly at Theodore, flashing his teeth.

Theodore's flush darkened slightly, and he lowered his eyes to the warm fluid. "You might have at least brought some for yourself," he muttered, seizing another cookie.

Seth reached around into his pocket and pulled out a chocolate frog, unwrapping it and nibbling at a leg. "Trust me, I have my share," he teased.

Theodore's eyes narrowed, realizing that he'd been being baited, and he snatched the what remained of the chocolate frog from Seth's fingers, popping it into his mouth. "I bet you do," he snorted.

Seth laughed outright when his chocolate was suddenly stolen from his hand. "Sneaky little bugger, aren't you?" he teased, winking at the Slytherin.

Theodore snorted. "If I had been being sneaky, I would have averted your attention or reached around behind you to snatch it," he retorted.

"You know you're faster than me anyway," Seth pointed out with a teasing pout. "And besides, I have three more in my pocket, which I have a feeling you won't be reaching for."

Theodore raised an eyebrow. "Well, I wouldn't have, except it sounds like you just challenged me," he murmured, slowly setting his mug aside as he tensed his legs beneath him.

"Was not!" Seth assured, eyes twinkling as he chuckled softly, seeing Theodore prepare for the attack.

Theodore shook his head slightly before lunging forward, pushing Seth down on the bed and beginning to ransack the man's pockets.

Seth let off a yelp as suddenly he found himself pinned to the bed, being practically patted down to find the chocolate frogs he had. One was tracked down rather quickly, being in the same pocket he had just pulled one from... But one was in his back pocket, and he wasn't exactly sure how Theodore intended to get it. And so he simply squirmed. "Theo!"

Theodore tossed the first chocolate frog onto the bedside table haphazardly before going in search of the other two. "Give them up!" he chuckled, continuing to search the front pockets and feeling the man's robes for inside pockets as well.

Another one was tracked down from an inside pocket, almost like Seth had intended for this to happen. Still, the third one remained out of Theodore's reach. "Little tease!" he laughed.

"Just tell me where it is, and the indignity will end," Theodore snorted, giving up searching for the last frog and beginning to tickle Seth in hopes of getting him to admit to the location.

Seth yelped and started giggling hysterically as the tickling began. He tried not to ever admit to it... but he was unbelivably ticklish. And of couse, Theodore just had to find that out.

Theodore's eyes lit up with delight and he began tickling the man more energetically. "Tell me where it is!" he laughed, his fingers working relentlessly over Seth's ribs.

Seth squirmed and shrieked as he was tickled so cruelly, trying to curl up into a ball. Tears sprang to his eyes at the laughter that he spouted, unable to form words even if he wanted to.

Theodore snorted in frustration at Seth's incoherence, finally delivering one last jab to the man's side and drawing back to sit on Seth's legs.

Seth was left laying there, tears streaking down his face as he desperately attempted to catch his breath. His arms were wrapped tightly around his chest protectively, giving Theodore a teasing glare. "I'm going to be so bruised now!"

Theodore stared back impassively, though a smirk teased at the corner of his mouth. "That is your fault. Never provoke a chocolate-deprived Slytherin." Aside from the cocoa, cookies, and brownies he'd been brought that day, he only got sweets on the occasions when Vati visited him, and he was certain it was killing him.

Pouting up at Theodore, Seth reached around to his back and pulled out the now thoroughly squished and half melted frog, tossing it to Theodore. "Prat," he teased with a wink.

Theodore made a face at the smushed chocolate, tossing it back. "Executive decision," he muttered. "That one's yours."

Seth rolled his eyes, catching it. "Gosh, so generous," he teased, sticking his tongue out at Theodore. "Thanks ever so much, your royal highness."

Theodore snorted. "I do believe that's the first time anyone has ever used that word to describe me, actually," he responded, his own tone just as teasing. "But I must admit, I did like that last bit. Feel free to use it whenever you wish."

Rolling his eyes, Seth gave Theodore a bit of a shove off of him. "Prat," was all he had to say as he opened the smushed frog and popped it into his mouth.

Theodore flopped back onto his pillows with a self-satisfied smirk, completely ignoring the other two chocolate frogs he'd confiscated and picking up his cocoa again.

Seth's arm slid around Theodore all over again. "Feeling better?" he murmured, embracing the Slytherin contently.

Theodore raised an eyebrow at the man. "You're the counsellor, you tell me?" he teased. There was a short pause, before he spoke in a quieter tone. "I think I am. Everything isn't all better, but I think I can live with it as it is, at least."

"I'm letting you out. That's saying something huge right there," Seth pointed out, offering Theodore a reassuring smile. "If you ever need me... more than just that one hour... I am always available to you, Theodore. The hour is a minimum number, not a maximum."

Theodore nestled into Seth's side. "I appreciate that," he murmured. "I'll probably need that, too." He'd been in the infirmary so long, he was actually beginning to get a little nervous about going back to normal.

"You know where my room is. Day or night, I'm there," Seth assured, both arms closing around Theodore now. And he quite meant it. If Theodore ever needed him, he would be there in a flash. He rather liked the kid.

"Thank you," Theodore murmured, shifting slightly to bury his face against the man's robes. As much as he hadn't been expecting it in the beginning, the former Ravenclaw had actually become a pillar of strength in his life. "Thank you," he repeated.

"You're more than welcomed, sweetheart," Seth breathed, holding the younger Slytherin close against him. He rested his cheek atop Theodore's head, simply holding him. He knew it was inappropriate the way he treated and acted around Theodore...yet at the same time... no one could deny the results.

Theodore's lips curled into a faint smile at the term of endearment, a soft sigh escaping his lips. "Can this session be a bit longer than an hour?" he murmured quietly.

"As long as you want," Seth whispered, closing his eyes as they lay there, comfortably twined around one another. A reassuring position for the both of them.
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