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Who - Blaise and Draco

When - Significantly after the last RP between the two

What - Blaise nearly cuts, they both angst briefly, and so on.

Rating - NC-17 (Yeah, Bowen, I *know*. But this is the end of the whole Blaise/Draco thing since when I signed on)

It hadn't been all that long ago that Blaise and Draco had shared a bed through the night, and since then Blaise had consistantly slept in his own bed. Only that one night together... but that had been enough to reassure him. However, things were different tonight. He had accidentally cut himself during potions class while cutting up a root... and now he was feral. He had been needing for the past couple weeks, but now he had felt it. Now he had seen and felt and tasted the blood, and he was pacing around the room uneasily, trying to stop himself from picking up the knife he had dropped on his bed.

Draco carried the pile of books carefully, aware that some of the texts would have Madam Pince on his arse if he didn't keep them pristine, and as he stepped in the doorway of the dormitory, and saw Blaise, he didn't hesitate, allowing the books to slip to his own bed, not having taken in what the boy was upset about. He turned, and in a clear glance about, realised what was going on. "Blaise," he said gently, not wanting to cause havoc. "What's happened?"

Blaise's head turned, stopping for a brief moment to look at Draco, and then he went back to pacing. His shirt had been shed, and a faint cut shone against his arm where he had allowed the knife a single slice. That, unfortuanately, hadn't helped matters.

Draco crossed the room, and pausing in front of him, carefully grasped Blaise's wrists firmly, and stepped in front of him. "What's going on?" he asked, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "You haven't been like this.."
"Cut my hand in class," Blaise replied hastilly, pulling at Draco's grip slightly to get free, fidgeting nervously as he was forced to stand still. "It's been a long time... and I..."

Draco nodded, slowly. Well he might. With the accident, Blaise had slipped.. Gods, he wished he knew what to do, he wasn't used to trying Wished for one awkward moment he had the knowledge Potter did, to calm Blaise down. "I know," he said quietly, calmly, trying to sooth him. "Don't fight me, Blaise. Can you control this?" He had to ask the question - Blaise needed it, needed the self-control to make it through it.

Blaise shook his head firmly, again giving a yank tot he arms that held his wrists. "Slipped and cut my arm open... Need more but somehow I haven't yet... I can't... it isn't going to get any better. It's only going to get worse until I do something about it..."

"Blaise," Draco released his wrists, with a sigh, "I don't know.. I haven't been there to help, so I don't know what you want me to do. Don't know if I can help. I can take the knife away, if it removes the temptation. Heal the cut. But I don't understand - I thought.. I don't know what I thought," he stepped back, still in front of him, still clinging to the control and firmness needed to sort this out. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, clearly.

When Draco released him, Blaise started pacing all over again, running both of his hands back through his hair. "Taking it away won't help," he breathed, almost hysterical. "It doesn't matter... Temptation isn't the problem... I... I need to feel it... more... see, cause it... I can't... function like this. It won't go away." He closed his eyes tightly for a moment, turning and going back the opposite direction. "Need... to cut, to be cut..."

Draco seemed to catch an understanding. "Like an addiction," he said, softly, feeling almost panicked by Blaise's apparent desparation, and that he didn't know what to do. "But they say... you shouldn't give into it," he said, more firmly, but wanting anything to stop Blaise..pacing back and forth, to stop him feeling helpless. He just wanted to help the boy, stop him.. "What have you been doing? I know you're not thinking straight," he said, mustering calm, "But please, for Circe's sake, Blaise, stop pacing and look at me. I'm going to help you. I just need you to decide what you want me to do." If it was something he couldn't do, he thought wildly, he'd..get Potter..but leaving Blaise alone, with frustration and the blood-lust he could see in him, would not be advisable.

Blaise stopped pacing when Draco asked him to, instead simply standing there shakily, looking over at him helplessly. "It is an addiction," he whispered. "That's... that's why I never had any problems when I was with Theo... he gave it to me before I could get too worked up... But... but it's been well over a month and I'm going mad... I... I can feel it, and when I cut my hand... I just... I can't..." He chewed on his lower lip, biting down hard enough to bleed, lapping it up the moment flesh was broken. "You can't do anything."

"But I can't do nothing, either," Draco breathed, hands tensing. "It's self-destructive, Blaise. And.." he stepped forward, raising his hand, using his thumb to wipe away the blood welling from Blaise's lower lip. "I can't watch idly as you destroy the calm you have. I just don't know what to do.." he cupped Blaise's jaw with his hand, not able to think of anything to take away the frustration and need in Blaise. If it had been another's blood, not Blaise's own, he would have submitted to it, gladly, rather than endure watching..this. "Gods, Blaise," he sighed, helpless.

Blaise gazed into Draco's eyes when hands found his cheeks, lips parting to allow the brush of thumb over his lip. And then he did the only thing he could think of that would distract him. He leaned in and he seized Draco's lips harshly with his own, kissing him, trying to force his mind away from other matters.

It wasn't the answer but it was an answer. Draco kissed him back, hands tangling in Blaise's hair, kissing him with the ferocity of his desire to stop the destructive bent Blaise was on. Desperate as he was to stop Blaise from needing to cut, he knew he needed control, a handle on himself and the situation which could rapidly get out of hand.

Blaise leaned in for a full on, open mouthed kiss, pressing his body firmly against Draco's. His arms wound around his former lover, tangling in his hair, pulling their bodies close together. When the kiss broke, he was faintly short on breath, kissing his way along Draco's jawline. "Relax," he whispered. "Calm down, lose control... Fuck me into the mattress until it hurts..."

At Blaise's words, he felt his breath catch, losing it to sensation and the feel of rushing headlong into somewhere familiar. He dipped his head, tongue flicking out as he kissed the hollow of Blaise's throat, his own response as enflamed as the other's, arms about him, trying to get close as possible. "If I lose control," he murmured against Blaise's skin, "Neither of us are." He lifted his head, nipping the edge of Blaise's ear, and found his mouth once more, punishingly hard as he met Blaise's lips, darting between them.

"Don't care," Blaise groaned. His lips parted the moment he felt Draco's tongue across his lips, arching towards him, kissing back as hard as he could manage. He didn't care that their teeth clicked together, or that his lower lip was still bleeding. This was a focal point, which he needed desperately. He started walking them towards his bed.

Warning bells fired loudly, knowing that Blaise was still..emotionally unsteady, that this was incredibly stupid to do; all lost in the feel of Blaise's hands across him, the taste of Blaise in his mouth, and the writhing force that he was. Draco lost the last clench on his control, surrendering to what the other boy wanted, with the dim thought that if this was what Blaise wanted, he didn't have to think about it. As they reached the bed, he sank onto it, tugging Blaise forward so the boy stood between his legs, pulling his head down to kiss him further.

Blaise lowered himself down to the mattress atop Draco, pressing their bodies flush all over again, only raising slightly for that he could quickly unbutton Draco's shirt. His own was gone, and finally he managed to even them out, fingers starting to roam actively all over the body he had memorized so long ago.
Blaise's fingers across his skin sent ripples through him, and his own hands explored Blaise's back, skittering over the boy's spine and arse, dropping a frenzy of kisses across Blaise's shoulder and neck,before trying to help undo his own shirt, fingers fumbling on the buttons in his haste to drop it over the side of the bed.

By the time Draco's shirt was gone, Blaise was kissing a streak down the blonde's body, licking along his chest to worry a nipple between his teeth, suckling lightly as he reached down, fumbling with the button to Draco's trousers. He wanted all clothes out of his way. Wanted total access.

Draco felt Blaise’s fingers working, his own hands reaching for the fastening on Blaise’s trousers, undoing it and easing them off, taking Blaise’s underwear with them. Pushing the clothes off the boy, his touch moved, upwards, re-discovering the contours of his lover’s body. He reached up to kiss him, hungrily, wanting to touch and feel every part of Blaise, explore his skin.

One hand ran over Blaise’s back, and down across his ass, his fingertips tracing the curve of Blaise’s body, drawing his path, the other feeling his way across his torso, as Draco felt the ridge of Blaise’s old scars and marks beneath his fingers.

Draco's hands on Blaise's body were exactly what he needed. They felt so perfect... so homely. It was a stabalizer of sorts, totally comfortable with this body against him. With a soft moan, he flipped them both over, leaving Blaise flat on his back with Draco atop him, leaning up to capture his lips all over again for a brief yet heated kiss. "Take me," he gasped.

Draco searched for Blaise's eyes, and met them, holding his gaze steadily. "Not yet," he said softly, running his fingers down along his lover's body, and lower. They grazed the hard flesh below, and he skimmed his fingertips along it, the silky skin hot and sleek beneath his hand. He trailed kisses along Blaise's chest, slowly, before lowering his head to kiss the very tip of the boy.

Blaise's breath caught when he realized what Draco was doing. He had arched at the first light touch, then did so again at the brush of lips. "Draco..." he whispered lustily, reaching down to stroke through his blonde locks almost reverently.

Touching, and exploring with his fingertips, Draco's breath fanned across the boy as he darted kisses against Blaise's inner thigh, licking his way along. He dropped featherlight brushes of his lips across, his tongue darting out to touch the warm skin. His fingers dropped lower still, as he teased his hands over Blaise, and began to stroke, with a sure and regular rhythm.

"Gods, I love you..." Blaise whimpered as Draco teased him, offering such intense pleasure in the simplest of gestures. Draco always knew exactly where and how to touch him... the wonders of a long-time lover. No one knew his body as Draco did, and he arched to every perfect touch, grasping at the sheets by his side as he writhed.

The words caught his breath, and Draco glanced up, not hesitating in the strokes, and took in the picture of his lover, back arched in pleasure, and his lips curved in a smile. Once more he lowered his head, closing his mouth around him, intending to bring Blaise over the edge with tongue, lips and fingers.

It wasn't what Blaise had initially wanted... but gods it felt good just the same. His fingers continued winding through Draco's hair, other hand gripping at the mattress. His nails danced along the scalp, whimpering softly as Draco's mouth drove him mad. He couldn't last long. Not like this.

Draco found a rhythm, sliding back and forth across the other boy, the bite of Blaise's grip tight, and the tug on his hair telling him what he wanted to know. He inhaled sharply through his nose, and drew Blaise into the back of his throat, moving his lips across the shaft, dizzy with breathlessness.

It had been too long. Too much at once upon having done absolutely nothing in a long time. And so soon enough, Blaise was letting off a gasp, grip in Draco's hair tightening as he bucked his hips up, spilling over within Draco's mouth, moaning his release before relaxing back onto the mattress, panting softly.

Draco wiped his mouth carefully, moving over so he was no longer on top of Blaise, and sat beside him on the bed, picking up his hand and intertwining their fingers. Seeing Blaise give in to it, and knowing he had given the other pleasure, without taking from it, sent reflected pleasure through him, and he pressed a kiss to Blaise's temples.

Blaise drew their intertwined hands up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to Draco's knuckles. "Thank you, love," he whispered, gazing adoringly over at his lover. His arm slid around Draco's waist, pulling them closely together.

Draco slipped his own arms around Blaise, trailing his fingers down Blaise's back, brushing Blaise's lips with his own, contentment and happiness welling up in him. He nuzzled into Blaise's shoulder, enjoying the closeness, the faint afterglow of the boy's expression and emotions, and the lingering feelings of the moment.

Blaise sighed contentedly, not at all used to Draco being this... affectionate. He absolutely adored it. His fingers danced lightly over the boy's lower back, brushing light kisses all across his cheeks. "Take what you need, love," he whispered, smiling up at the blonde.

"I have you here now," Draco replied, lips curving in response. "S'all I want." He stroked the skin of Blaise's inner arm, and bent his head to kiss the very inside of the boy's wrist, seeing everywhere places that he longed to kiss, or touch. The hollow of Blaise's throat, the spot just below his ear, the inside of his elbow - All he wanted was everything, and he seemed to have it in his arms.

Strangely enough, a faint blush rose to Blaise's cheeks, laying back, loving the way Draco just held him... touched him... the light caresses that danced over his most sensitive of places. It made no sense... but it made him feel infinitely better. "Gods I love you..." he whispered, burying his face against Draco's neck.

"And I love you," Draco mumured, his voice muffled and indistinct, lips pressed into Blaise's hair. He didn't care that the words could not be heard, nor were they meant to be. Only an outpouring of everything he felt, and everything for the boy with him. He continued to play with Blaise's fingers, unable to keep still, but a desire for contact.

"What was that?" Blaise whispered, not able to make out Draco's muffled words. There was no hope that they were what they actually happened to be. He knew Draco didn't love him, and never will. He was simply content laying there, knowing full well it would not be a comon occurance.

Draco hesitated, torn between the desire to tell him, share it with him, and the realisation that if he did - Blaise wouldn't choose someone who could care for him. Gods, he was arrogant, but as much as the realisation of his feelings seared through him, bubbling with excitement and love and want, he wanted most for Blaise, the other to be happy. He wrapped his arms tighter around Blaise's waist, and snuggled into the back of him, staying silent.

Blaise didn't ask again, simply letting Draco fall silent and hold him. He rolled onto his side, arms closed around Draco, nestling in and burrowing against his warmth, comfortable in the arms that he knew so well. The lust for blood had faded for the time being, totally out of his mind as he lay there, sated.

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