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Who: Seamus and Lisa
Where: The Pitch
Rated: PG

Seamus was glad to be back outside on his broom, enjoying the empty pitch. He zipped around with his bat, knocking back the bludger again and again. His ribs still hurt, and his joints were a bit stiff, but he was glad to see the muscle was starting to return to his arms and chest. He'd be back in shape in no time.

Lisa stumbled towards the pitch, a school broom in her hand. She was wearing her flying robes, which seemed to constitute a regular brown robe over really baggy pants that revealed her underwear and a tight shirt. If nobody would teach her how to play Quidditch, she would have to teach herself.

Seamus had just landed to put the bludger back in its box, so he could practice some rolls. It was a lot easier to do the tricks with no magic bowling ball flying towards your head. He almost ran into the young girl in the ridiculous robes on his way down. "Whoa," he exclaimed. "Watch yerself."

"Oops, sorry," she said, exasperated. All of this walking around was tiring her out. "Whatcha doin'?" she asked, bringing her broom in so she could lean on it.

"I'm flyin' on me broom. What're you doin'? And more importantly, what are ye wearin'?"

"I'm wearing my flying robes," she said, as if it were evident. "Why? What's wrong with them?"

"Em, nothin'. Just, ye know, not exactly conducive t' flyin', is all." This one was a nutter, more so then McDonald, even.

"And how is that?" She placed her free hand on her hip and leaned on her broom. Unfortunately, it gave way and she toppled to the ground. "Oi!"

Seamus looked at her as if she were growing a third arm out of her chest. Leaning over to pick the girl up, he explained what exactly was wrong with her robes. "They're too loose. Ye'll get too much wind resistance, too much drag. It'll slow ye down."

"Oh," she said. The hand that was holding the broom moved to lift up an index finger as if to say, "hold on." Meanwhile, the broom flopped to the ground. She frowned and bent down to pick it up while trying to unpocket her wand. This coordination thing seemed all very weird to her.

Not only were her robes too loose, they were too short, and Seamus caught a glimpse of the too-tight pants, and the pink of panties poking out from above them. He groaned to himself. Certainly found himself a winner here.

Lisa sighed, exasperated. She knew that everyone thought she was this huge geek. She set herself back up, leaning on the broom and asked, "So. You play Quidditch?"

Seamus nodded, puffing up his chest a bit. "Sure do. Beater fer Gryffindor? What about you, um...who are you, again?"

Lisa's eyes dropped. Nobody outside of Ravenclaw even knew who she was. "Lisa. I'm a Ravenclaw," she said quietly. She toed the ground gently, giving her something to look at.

"Seamus Finnigan, pleased t' meet ya." He held out a hand. "What year are ye?"
Lisa looked up and shook his hand. "Seventh Year. So, do you practice a lot?" Changing the subject was always good.

She was his year? How in the hell didn't he know her? "Em, yeah. I practice all the time. That's how ye get good." Another confused look. "Are ye sure yer a seventh year?"

"Erm, yeah. I'm a seventh year," she said, crestfallen yet again. It wasn't even like Hogwarts that was that big of a school, and yet nobody knew who she was.

"Oh, well, em, sorry. It's nice t' meet ya, though." Sheesh, he'd probably been taking classes with her for the past 7 years and didn't even realize it. "D'ye want me t' let ye go, so you can practice some flyin' yerself?"

"Oh well, see. That's the thing. I sorta... suck at flying..." It was the sad, sad truth. She was one of those children who only barely passed flying lessons.

"Ohhh, so ye want t' jus' practice flyin'? Well I can show ye how t' do that."

Lisa's eyes lit up. "Really?!"

"Sure, flyin' ain't that hard at all. Just a matter of concentratin' and balancin'."

Balancing? Oh no. "Oh, I see," she said, nodding and smiling.

"All right, first of all, em, take of those robes. They're just gonna cause ye problems."

"But I don't have anything else to wear!"

"Em, okay, here, you wear my robes fer now. That way ye can cover yerself up a bit." He took off his robes and handed them to her, a bit chilly in his trousers and t-shirt.

Lisa took off her robes and put his on. She pulled out her wand and whispered a spell to make her trousers fit properly. "Okay, how about that?"

"Good, that's much better. D'ye see how me robes are a bit more tight and snug in certain places, and not as billowy? That's so ye can cut down on wind resistance. Now, can ye get on yer broom at all?" He demonstrated by levitating his own and straddling it. He hovered a few feet above the air.

Lisa put her broom out in front of her and let it hover. Then she straddled it, only to roll off of the side and fall straight to the ground. "Erm... ow..."

"Okay, lets try again, only this time, straddle the broom and let it drift up under ye, but don't try t' float. Just let it kinda rest between yer legs." He was trying not to blush and laugh at the same time.

Lisa got back up and hopped over onto the broom. It wobbled a little, but as she became more confident of herself, the broom steadied.

"That's good," Seamus approved. "Really good. Now, when ye're feelin' nice and balanced, lift up yer feet, both at the same time. Jus' remember that yer broom is gonna do what ye want it t' do as long as ye concentrate." He was itching to start zipping around himself, but time must be taken.

Lisa lifted her feet up and the broom inched forward slightly, in tune with its rider's uncertainty. "Like that?" she asked.

"Yeah! That's good. Now, if ye want t' go forward, ye gotta lean forward and 'think' forward at the same time. The further forward ya lean, the faster ye go. Just lean a little bit, like me." He leaned his body forward just a few inches, and the broom moved along at a leisurely pace.

The broom did a little jump as Lisa overcompensated her leaning to catch up with Seamus. She held on tightly however and managed to smooth out the ride as she caught up with him.

They drifted along for a bit, keeping a steady pace. "Ready t' try a turn? We'll try goin' left, first. When ye want t' turn, just lean left." He leaned left and drifted off that way. "When ye want t' make a sharper turn, lean left and pull left with yer hands." He made a tighter turn. "Try it, but nice and easy."

Lisa leaned and ended up going around in a tight circle. After a while, she got dizzy. "WAIT HOW DO I STOP THIS THING?"

"Lean the other way," Seamus yelled, trying to get out of her path. "When ye're even again, just let yerself hover again."

Lisa leaned to the right and somehow ended up barreling. She finally got her broom to stop, but by then she was upsides down and clinging to the broom for dear life. "Errm help?!"

Seamus chuckled. "Ye're a foot off the ground. Just think t' the broom that ye want t' lower yerself and get off. Then ye can get back on." Wow. How had she ever passed flying?

She gave her broom the evil glare and told it to lower to the ground. It complied willingly, or rather way too willingly as she crashed to the ground. "Eehhh"

"All right, I think I know what ye're doin' wrong. Ye're tryin' to force the broom t' do everythin', instead of askin' it. I want ye t' try somethin' fer me. Get back on, and this time I want y' t' say out loud'Broom, turn right.' Can ye do that?"

Lisa groaned and rolled over. She got up back onto the broom and said, "Broom, turn right." The broom turned right and started going at a steady pace. "Hey! I did it!"

"Now ask it t' go up half a meter." Seamus had pulled along side her, close enough that he could grab her if she started to fall off again.

Lisa looked at Seamus and back down at her broom reluctantly. "Broom, go up half a meter," she said, the fear obvious in her voice.

The broom rose nicely, Seamus rising with her. "How's the view," he asked, voice confident.

"Erm, I'm afraid of heights," she admitted. Never mind the logic behind wanting to fly. She was only a meter of the ground and already faint.

"But ye're broom isn't, and while ye're ridin' on yer broom, ye're safe in the air. If ye want t' go back down, just tell the broom ye want t' go down."

"Oh okie."

"So if ye think yer broom is okay with it, try goin' just a wee bit higher."

Lisa's broom inched upwards a little bit. When she felt surer of herself, she started a stead upward climb. "Wee!" she screamed out.

"That's great," Seamus yelled out from under her, flying to catch up. "Now even it out a bit. Don't want t' go too high just yet."

Lisa slowed her arc a little bit and slowly came to a stop. She waiting for Seamus to catch up and balanced on her broom. This is why everyone loves Quidditch so much. "This is so much fun!"

"Ye're a natural. Don't know why ye ever had a problem before." It felt good to be teaching someone something he was good at. Madame Hooch, for all her complaining, probably loved it even more then he did.

"Well, see, I'm a muggle," she said, as if that was supposed to explain everything. Magical things usually didn't come naturally to her. She had to study and study and study to get things right. She was almost like Hermione except clumsier.

Seamus shrugged, his broom bouncing up and down with the movement. "So's Ludwell Baggins, so's Viktor Krum. I'm a half-blood. Doesn't matter. Some people just have a knack fer flyin', some don't. Neville's a pureblood and he's just about the worst flyer ever. Blood's got nothin' t' do with it."

It was getting a little chilly and Lisa was in the mood for some lunch. "Hey, I think it's near lunch time. Can we do this again...maybe...sometime...perhaps?"

"Sure," Seamus said, grasping the end of her broom and lightly floating them down to the ground. "Helps me remember the basics, which is important. Anytime ye see me out here by meself, just fly up next t' me and ask me t' show ye somethin', okay?"
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