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Who: Dolohov and Seth
Where: Seth's office
When: Before the Dolohov/Bella post
Rated: PG-13 for mild language

Seth had just been out, making rounds of some of the school. He was feeling a bit better as of late, after all. Theodore... wasn't depending fully on him, and fewer students were coming to him out of desperate fear that they were all trapped. Some continued, but not nearly as many. It made for a bit more free time. Unfortunately, free time meant boredom, thus he headed to his office first, not going straight towards his room. His books were all in his office.

Uttering the password, Seth entered, closing the door immediately after him. He didn't lock it, knowing that others might come yet before the day was out.

The lanky figure fit comfortably in the shadow's of the young man's office, all but invisible. He seemed to wear the dark like an old familiar coat, one that made him warm and nondescript. "I am not sure I like this new breed of servants our Lord has chosen," he whispered out. His voice was deep and gravelly.

Seth stopped dead in his tracks, having been on his way towards his desk. His eyes immediately narrowed, snapping about the room for any sign of where the words had come from. He made no move to respond.

The man in the corner crossed his legs, and rested his long, tapered fingers on his knee. "Yes, quite sure I don't like them at all. Much too trusting, too sure of themselves. Are you sure of yourself, Mr. Capper?" His thin lips curled in a cruel smile, and the barest flashes of yellowed teeth could be seen, assuming one was looking in the right spot.

Seth's eyes kept going about before he caught sight of... something in the shadows. He knew he hadn't placed anything there, so that had to be the intruder. He immediately reached for his wand. "Who are you?" he demanded softly.

"Put your wand away, boy. If I wished to kill you, I'd be tap dancing in your guts by now." The figure leaned forward, and craggy, haggard features could be seen. "Antonin Dolohov, at your service. I'm sure my reputation precedes me, though." Another flash of yellowed teeth.

Seth blinked in shock, but immediately returned his wand to its place. Yes, it was most certainly unnecessary. He had been concerned it was a student trying to pull a prank on him, since everyone knew about his mark... but he wasn't about to admit to that. With his wand away, he bowed faintly, head lowering. "It does, as a matter of fact."

"Don't bow to me, boy. I've never been one for the hierarchy the others seem to depend on like chickens in a hen house. It's enough that you know who I am, and what I'm capable of. I hope you don't mind that I...made myself at home while you were away." A flick of light as a thin, black cigarette was lit. "Do you mind," Dolohov asked, already wreathed in a cloud of yellow smoke.

"Of course not," Seth assured, standing again. His eyebrow arched as he watched the man, before he turned and approached his desk, perching on the edge of it. "What can I do for you, Mister Dolohov?"

"That remains to be seen, Mr. Capper. I've been watching you for sometime, and have deduced that you are either a brilliant actor, or not as loyal to the cause as I may have hoped. Tell me of this position you hold in the school." Dolohov may have claimed to have no interest in hierarchies, but there was no mistaking the tone of superiority in his voice. He was giving orders now.

Finding it easier to do so, Seth's gaze rested on the flickering butt of Dolohov's cigarette, the light both drawing his attention and meaning he didn't have to look that man in the eye. He never managed to look his superiors in the eye. "I am increasingly gaining the trust of the student body," he began. "I have two who I normally would have already convinced to be marked, but cannot because of the shield that surrounds us. I have others whom are in progress."

"Convincing them with candy and hot chocolate, hmm? They say it's a brave new world, but this I'd never have thought. Do you feel any liking for these children?" His lips sneered, but whether it was at the concept of children or simply liking something was difficult to discern.

It was difficult to abstain from rolling his eyes at that, but somehow Seth managed. "Children immediately respond to comfort. Be it an embrace, or be it through sweets. It aids in getting their defenses down in the first place, and building trust can come immediately after. With trust, other matters can be worked with. Though admittedly, yes, I enjoy the company of a few of them."

Dolohov nodded. "I can't say I agree with your tactics, but they do seem to be effective. Perhaps it's simply that children don't react well to me. I scare them." The menacing chuckle gave no doubt that Dolohov could have frightened anyone, adult or child alike. Another drag of the cigarette. Another exhaling of noxious blue smoke. "What about the shield. What do you know of it?"

Seth slowly shook his head. "Unfortunately, I was not a member of staff who was told very much about it. I really know little more than most of the student body. It traps us all within and lets no one else beyond its perimeter. Moody trusts me very little, and would offer few details."

Dolohov snarled at Moody's name, but quickly suppressed it. "Much as I thought. Seems we're stuck with one another then, eh? Along with Lestrange." That damnable woman, again. "Has there been much correspondence between the two of you?"

"Little," Seth admitted, shrugging faintly. "I escorted her into the school from the outer grounds... but otherwise she has paid me little mind. She is rather wrapped up in torturing the students..." Students which came then to Seth because they were suicidal. It was a lovely cycle.

"I've never seen the need for the mindless torture the woman seems to revel in. Too much mess to deal with. Still, we three are effectively cut-off from our Lord, and, as much as I hate to admit, feel we would be better off completing our goal working together." Dolohov had little regard for this simpering pansy, or for that insane bitch Lestrange, but they were surrounded by enemy forces, and flight was no longer an option.

Seth nodded. "Very well. Though the next question would be... just what can we do here? Potter is undoubtedly waging his own little war against Lestrange, since he knows that she is within the walls... Moody has that bloody eye of his locked on me half of the bloody day... You are the only one here who has any semblance of freedom."

"And we have to keep it that way. Lestrange's actions endanger us all, and while she is a powerful witch, she would be no match for Potter and his cohorts should they find her alone." That sad fact was proven during the raid on the Department of Mysteries, granted Dumbledore had been there to ruin their plans, but still. "You she probably sees as nothing more then a potential plaything, she at least will listen to me. So here's what we'll do. I'll reign in Lestrange, while you make it as much of a point to keep my existence hidden. I'll continue to do what I do here in the school, but if word breaks out that there are two Death Eater's in the school, the hunt would be difficult for me to evade." A cruel smile. "Basically blame everything on Lestrange."

"The students have a tendency to come to me when they see strange things in the shadows. Keeping your existence hidden will not be a challenge." Seth nodded faintly, smirking somewhat.

"I've been doing fine on that since this summer, but I've never had to act until now. Still, paranoia among the students will help. They know nothing can get in to the school, so if dark things happen with more frequency, they'll blame Lestrange, and fear of her will grow, and as the fear grows, the confidence will seep away. We'll use their fear against them." Just like the old days.

Seth's smirk darkened at the thought. This was most definitely going to be entertaining. He was now rather looking forward to it.

"And who will they come running to but their dear friend Seth, to be comforted with kind words and tasty treats. And you will increase their fear. Warn them not to travel alone. Tell them of nervous rumblings among the faculty. Show how frightened you yourself are. You have captured their hearts, now poison their minds." Dolohov's eyes glimmered in the dark, as yellow as his teeth.

"The only question is how long this shield shall remain," Seth mused. Causing chaos was all right and good... but if they were going to spend the remainder of their natural lives with the walls of this school... well, there was only so far such things could go before they all destroyed one another.

"You've heard the prophecy, boy. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord must meet a final time, and the Dark Lord will kill him. This shield is merely a precaution, not a solution. Dumbledore wants to keep the boy safe until he feels he is ready to face our Lord, not imprison him forever. In the meantime, we will do what we can to plant those dark seeds in these impressionable minds. They've made this place an incubator for chaos, and when the lower the shield, it'll spill out across the land."

A fine plan indeed, though one could only wonder for how long they would keep such chaos enclosed. Harry was still a boy... they had given themselves an unlimited amount of time to train him, to give him the skills required to bring about the Dark Lord's downfall. At the same time... they had given the man nothing to stand in his way, and thus could rage freely over the wizarding world with no Harry Potter to stop them. "If they wait too long, he will have already taken over."

"Now you're thinking. This shield'll prove to be one of the biggest mistakes made during the war, and we'd be fools not to take full advantage of it. When next Potter and the Dark Lord meet, our Lord will be stronger then ever, and Potter won't have his mommy to protect him. It's inevitable."

Seth nodded. "Very well. I suppose I should be expecting you to be paying me a visit from time to time?" Bella certainly never did, but he was rather happy for that. The little bitch was psycho.

"Not often, if at all. I've stayed too long as is. You know what you're to do; the Dark Lord obviously thought you had enough intelligence to follow simple orders. As long as your work is satisfactory, I won't breathe down your neck. Just remember how easily I got in here."

Seth nodded slowly. That would make his life somewhat easier at least. And the death eater had clearly entered his office without the slightest problem. Not that Seth regularly warded the door, but still. He hadn't even noticed a presence until the man had spoken. "Was there anything else?"

Dolohov shrugged. "Just remember we're trapped behind enemy lines. If Alastor Moody is watching you as closely as you think, then the slightest slip would mean trouble. And if I need to, I won't hesitate to kill you. Otherwise, I think we'll be great friends." He put the cigarette out on the palm of his hand, and pulled a black cloak around his shoulders. He immediately blended in with the shadows, only his head showing. "Be seeing you," he whispered again, and with the slightest rustle of fabric, was engulfed by the darkness of the dim room and disappeared. Only the cracked door and the faint whiff of smoke gave indication that anyone had been in the room in the first place.
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