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Who: Blaise and Draco
When: After Harry and Blaise's sleeping-ness, and Draco's little paddy on his journal.
What: Grumpiness, sweet-talking, and sex
Rated: NC-17

Blaise was a flurry of irritability as he made his way through the corridors. He had been grumpy all through all of his classes that day, and especially through dinner, sitting off in a far corner at the Slytherin table and eating rapidly, then storming off to the Astronomy tower in hopes of calming his head. No such luck apparently, based on his still frenzied appearance.

Seeing Harry had set him right off... had woven his thoughts into a huge mass of confusion, which was not something that Blaise took well. And then he had read Draco's journal entry, which had only served to make things worse. Growling softly, the door to their mutual dorm flew open, nearly knocking it off the hinges as he immediately headed over to his bed, nimble fingers already having half-undone his robes.

Draco was buried in a mound of Quidditch theory books, busily trying to work out an irrefutable foul that hadn't yet been covered in the rulebook. He was becoming rapidly frustrated with the thankless task and at the crash of the door, shoved a pile off books off his own bed, and threw his quill and parchment on the floor for good measure, annoyed.

Blaise didn't so much as look at Draco as he tossed his robes onto the floor next to his bed, starting on his shirt. If Draco wanted to talk to him, then Draco could bloody well approach him. The prat had practically told anyone who put any effort behind their charms that he was an unfaithful little weak-willed brat, after all.

Draco gave a heavy sigh, and began gathering up books, tossing them onto the quilt, and without looking at the other boy, said mildly, in a way that bore no trace of the frustration, worry and jealousy currently running through his veins mingled with his very blood, "Had a good day?"

"As if,” Blaise said shortly, dropping his shirt as well before running his hands irritably through his hair. It was starting to get long again... he would need to get it cut.

Draco gave a tiny nod of acknowledgement absently. Was this the first bloody step? He stood up, stretching out cramped muscles, and looked out of the window at the chilly weather. It didn't invite Quidditch practice, but how else was he going to pound the little git into the mud?

Blaise's belt and trousers followed into the pile of clothes he left on the floor before he flopped onto his bed, face down, buried in his pillows. Without looking, he snatched up his blankets and pulled them up around him, little more than a tuff of hair and a faint amount of pale skin showing once he pulled it up high to hide.

"Tired?" Draco asked, facetiously, folding his arms as he looked back at the bed, a tiny smile catching at the corners of his mouth. Even like this, Blaise was wonderfully adorable to watch, irritated and not speaking to him. Some of the tightness that had been hanging around him since the previous evening loosened, and he relaxed, walking back across to his own bed, and seating himself Indian-style on the quilt, watching the other boy.

"Grumpy,” Blaise shot back, though said it in such a tone that made it sound like he was pouting into the pillow. And maybe he was. He was so bloody confused.

"Wonderful," Draco muttered, pressing his lips together to keep himself from smiling at the petulance of Blaise's voice. It didn't sound...really serious, at least. Nothing that made him reach for his wand in any case. "Going to sulk then? Want to be left alone?"

Growling softly, Blaise rolled onto his side, glaring over at Draco. The way it landed, the blanket covered from his nose down, making him look like he was peeking out. "You're a fucking git, you know that?"

"Yes," Draco said without pause, smile slipping away like quicksilver. He propped his chin on his fist, watching Blaise solemnly.

"Get your ass over here." Sliding back faintly, Blaise held the covers up for Draco to slip in underneath next to him.

Rising, Draco climbed in beside Blaise, and wove an arm around his waist, his bare feet cold in the warmth of the bed.

Blaise slid up close, an arm sliding around Draco as he burrowed in against the other boy. "Fucking prat," he muttered under his breath, giving Draco an affectionate squeeze.

Draco nodded, cuddling in against the other, tension slipping away. "I know," he said softly, hugging him back. "You're warm," he said, after a pause, the heat creeping into his limbs, cold from having sat still for a couple of hours without realizing.

"You're not,” Blaise muttered. He was still tense, still irate, but he at least had someone he cared for in his arms.

"I know," Draco smiled to himself, aware of the chill of his skin. He wound his feet in an excess of the blankets, and nestled in beside Blaise comfortably. "What's made you grumpy?" he asked his voice soft.

"You and Harry,” Blaise replied shortly, tucking his head in just under Draco's chin, closing his eyes. Draco's feet were bloody cold next to his own, but he pressed them together nonetheless, taking all the contact he could get.

"Oh, Potter, you rotter, oh what have you done," Draco sang the refrain under his breath, tunelessly. "I take it he told you?" He sighed, breathing in the scent of Blaise's hair, and kissed the top of the other's head lightly. "Of course he did. God, I hate being nosy."

"He did. After a great big long argument going back and forth,” Blaise muttered, eyelids drooping upon Draco's lips pressing against the top of his head. "And I still told him we couldn't be together, so don't be such a prat, Draco, and get over yourself."

"Oh gods," Draco tightened his grip slightly, pouting almost imperceptibly, but a huffy tone in his voice, "I think I prefer him in denial. I'm over myself, Blaise, it's why I'm worried about it," he settled against the mattress, shifting out of discomfort at the idea.

Blaise's arms around Draco tightened. "I love you," he whispered all at once. "I don't love him... and I won't let myself ruin him... A night in each other’s arms... sex that happened ages ago... isn't going to change that."

"You couldn't ruin him," Draco said quietly, possessively, annoyed at the misalignment of the other, even by himself, "You couldn't. But your history -" he exhaled a breath softly, "And that he is able to help..In ways I can't... Stings. I love you, and it all seems... Crazy. I do need the reminder, I suppose," he admitted, grateful for the reassurance, "I can't forget I'm a selfish prat, I know. But when he said it - I know he's a better person than I am and I couldn't help thinking, if you loved him, I..I wouldn't stand a chance."

"I don't love him," Blaise whispered again, saying nothing else in regards to Draco's fears. They were unfounded... but if Draco was going to be an idiot and think so worriedly about them then he wasn't even going to bother trying to fight them.

"Hmmph," Draco grumbled, but lighter, and he nudged Blaise gently. "I do love you, y'know." He wriggled experimentally. "And you're warm. Now I'm warm."

"I know," murmured Blaise. "And I love you too." His hands ran up, tangling in Draco's hair, stroking softly. "I'm glad you're warm now, though. I was starting to think I would have to tell you to fuck me to warm you up..."

Draco laughed gently, and tickled him affectionately, running his fingers along Blaise's rib cage. "You're always able to keep me warm," he told him, feeling the slight tug as Blaise's fingers moved in his hair.

"You should still fuck me," Blaise whispered affectionately, nuzzling Draco's cheek softly as he held the blonde firmly against him.

Draco shifted his head to kiss him, and smiled against Blaise's lips, his hands moving slowly below the blankets to unbutton his own shirt, content in Blaise's arms.

Blaise's head tipped upwards to return the kiss, softly, tenderly, leaning up against him as his own hands ran down, one working at the button of Draco's trousers softly, undoing then unzipping them.

Draco felt his help, and wriggled out of his shirt, pushing it out of the bed to the floor, and skimming his hands down Blaise's chest, nipping at Blaise's lower lip, pressing the kiss deeper.

Blaise quickly had the trousers done and away as well, leaving them both simply in their boxers. His tongue ran over Draco's lips, winding their legs together as he let off a little moan, flesh pressed to flesh.

The low noise Blaise meant only served to excite Draco further, and he paused to take a breath, his fingers moving lower to hook into the waistband of Blaise's underwear and ease them off, pressing a kiss beside Blaise's mouth

Blaise's nose brushed softly along Draco's cheek, fingers grasping the other boy's undergarments and easing them away as well, leaving them at last bared entirely to one another. Slowly, Blaise slid around so that he was lying on his back, making his desired position in this clear.

Draco shifted himself so his weight was raised above the other, and lowered his head to lick Blaise's nipple, letting his teeth close gently around it, and trailing his tongue along Blaise's skin, his hands gliding lower to part Blaise's thighs and drawing tiny circles on the boy's skin with his fingertips.

A shiver coursed through Blaise as Draco's tongue and teeth found his nipple, legs parting easily at the blonde's urging. He arched towards the soft fingertips, his hands weaving through hair and across the other boy's back/

Draco dragged the tip of his tongue lower, ever so slowly, his lips curving into a smile against Blaise's white skin. His fingers skated nearer, caressing and sliding across the velvety skin, feeling the boy rise against his touch. He placed a kiss in Blaise's navel, then rose to kiss him properly, his hands moving across the boy's flesh.

Again Blaise's hips jerked forward. The fingers were so close... so close to what he wanted but not quite giving him the pleasure that he so needed. He was already hard in his desire, letting the want shine through as they met in another open mouthed kiss.

Draco's finger stroked across the sensitive area, and very gently, nudged the tip in, testing the other boy, and kissing him back with his own desire and need, tight and hard.

Blaise's breath caught when Draco's finger finally penetrated him, even if it was not nearly so much as he would've liked. It was still something... something he had not received in quite some time. "More," he groaned into the kiss which was growing ever more intense.

"Patience," Draco murmured against Blaise's lips, sliding deeper within the other, the heat and tightness of it driving him closer. He eased out his finger, and edged another in, stretching him as he kissed Blaise with matching intensity.

"Not... patient person..." Blaise growled right back, but gods Draco's fingers within him felt good. No nearly as good as what would come... but good nonetheless. It was enough to sate him just slightly.

"I know," Draco's voice was unspeakably smug, tugging Blaise's lower lip gently between his teeth, as he moved in readiness, moving out of the other with his fingers and shifting his hips so that he was raised above the boy, the tip of himself nudging at the entrance, his breath sharp as he held back to make it slow and longer.

"Do it," Blaise whimpered, knees drawing up on either side of Draco's lips to make the angle easier. His eyes were hooded, lusty as he gazed up at Draco. His fingers danced along the blonde's spine, lips puffy and red from being snogged as he gazed longingly into the other boy's eyes.

Draco rolled his hips to make it easier, easing himself in, inch by careful inch. His eyes didn't leave Blaise's own, the sight of the boy looking so utterly ravished making him smile, even as a groan escaped his lips at the sensation of moving inside him. The touches across his back were tantalizing and soft, and his eyes half-closed, as he moved further in.

Soft whimpers were drawn from Blaise as Draco oh-so-slowly entered him. It was a stretch... it had been a while, after all. But the faint burn underlying the pleasure was a welcomed sensation, so accustomed to pain by now was he. And the look on Draco's face... that was enough to draw a moan simply by itself. "So beautiful," he whispered hotly/

"You are," Draco stated unequivocally, as he gasped, until the very last of him was inside. He moaned his pleasure, biting down on his lower lip with the sensation, buried inside Blaise. He bent his head to kiss him again, biting the side of his neck, nipping tightly, before beginning to move.

Blaise's head was tipped back in raw pleasure as his legs slid up and locked around Draco's waist easily, allowing him to delve just that little bit deeper into him. And then the blonde was moving... and the rest of the world become unimportant. All that mattered was Draco, who he then pulled faintly on the hair of to deliver a harsh, needy kiss to his lips./

Love mingling with passion combined for a heady mix. Draco answered Blaise's own kiss with one of rivaling hunger, as sweat slicked, he stroked out and in, starting a rhythm, his back arching. His eyes were dark with desire, as everything seemed contained within this bed, and this boy.

Nothing else could've possibly mattered in that moment of Draco taking him... of the intense gaze in the other's eyes as he gazed down at him, the look unphased by the firm kiss that was being delivered to his lips, or of what his lower body was in the process of doing. It was all so intoxicating, and Blaise let off a series of moans into Draco's mouth, falling into a soft little whimper as he nibbled on the other's lower lip.

The graze of the boy's teeth on his lip made him gasp, and Draco's eyes fluttered closed then open again, not wishing to leave the depth of the other's eyes. He was moving swifter now, so close and so near.. He moaned, the passion of it all carrying his strokes further, harder and faster.

When Draco started moving more heatedly, Blaise started feeling his ever-looming climax grow rapidly closer, arching and writhing between Draco, lips breaking away to gasp for breath. And then, all at once, he let off a low cry, coming between their bodies as he clenched sharply around Draco, a shudder coursing violently through him.

The convulsion around him tipped Draco over the edge, and he came, Blaise's name on his lips, the visible passion beneath him sending him into the deep climax. He panted for breath, exhilarated smile lighting up his face, as he pressed feverish kisses against the other's skin, the taste of salt clinging to his lips. He eased his weight onto Blaise, carefully measuring whether the boy could take it, and sighed, ivory skin stained pink with the afterglow.

Blaise's arms slid fluidly around Draco's waist and he held his lover in against him, stretched out, boneless as he gasped for breath. It was amazing how much better everything felt when sexual release was managed. His mind felt so much less cluttered, now simply content, smiling warmly up at Draco.

Blaise's languidness drove a soft smile onto Draco's own mouth, and he slid off the boy to his side, his arms sliding around him, glowing with heat and sticky with residue, but too satisfied and tired to bother to reach for his wand to clean up the mess. "Gods I love you," he muttered, nuzzling into Blaise's side.

: Blaise enclosed Draco in a protective embrace, holding him close as he kissed the blonde's temple. "I love you too," he whispered hotly, kissing a path all across the other's cheek and jaw, nuzzling his soft blonde locks before settling on simply burying his face there, contented.

Draco stretched his arms, cat-like, yawning and settling back, his arms wound around Blaise, a happy smile on his lips. "I've missed this," he said softly, Blaise's breath near the back of his neck warm, and regular.

Blaise shifted to accommodate Draco's shifting before simply cuddling into a comfortable position, slowly calming, breathing more normally. "I did too," he
"I am," Draco replied, his voice a low grumble, but with a laughing undertone. He yawned again, and laid back, his eyes closing. Not going to envy Potter ever.

Blaise burrowed his head in against Draco's shoulder as his lover slid onto his back, curling into his side. An arm draped around his stomach, the other up over his head and stroking through his hair. He pressed a soft kiss to the blonde's neck before his own eyelids drooped happily.

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