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Anthony Goldstein


Who: Hermione, Seamus, and Anthony
Where: Room of Requirements, aka Clandestine Meeting Central
What: Plans
When: Very recently

Seamus was, as always, thrilled to have something to keep him occupied for five minutes. He'd been looking forward to seeing what Anthony Goldstein had been cooking up for some time now. The meeting was scheduled to occur in the Room of Requirements, which was where he was, waiting impatiently.

Hermione had been working on schoolwork and had almost forgotten about the meeting. Luckily, she'd remembered before she got too caught up in her studies and made it to the Room of Requirements with time to spare.

Opening the door, she smiled as she caught sight of Seamus. "H'llo, Seamus. Ready to do this?"

"Aye, soon as Anthony gets here."

Anthony was making his way to the Room of Requirements from the Library, having spent yet another afternoon pouring over the Tectem Libros. He entered the room hurriedly, hoping that he wasn't late.

He saw the two he was looking for inside. "Hello Seamus, Hello Hermione." Anthony nodded to each.

"H'lo Anthony," Seamus replied, hopping down from the desk he had been perching on. "What've ya got fer us?" Small talk? What was that?

"Something I hope can help." Anthony walked over to the desk, placing the old book on top with a gentle reverence. "It's called the Tectem Libros. Either of you familiar with it?"

Seamus shook his hand. "Nope, although it looks like just about the oldest book in the world. What is it?"

Hermione thought for a moment, then craned her neck to get a better look at the book in question. "I've heard of it, but only in passing mention in other texts."

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes as Seamus's remark -- the boy was doing him a favor, by listening -- Anthony explained. "Well, it's also known as the Book of Protection if that might ring a bell or two. But no, it's not very well known. But it contains the basic...schematics, if you will, for all defense spells. It's a bit outdated, though. Most of the spells referenced as examples are terribly old, even archaic, and wouldn't compare to most of the more powerful curses today. Even so, every defense spell that could ever be created must come from the principles in this book."

"Cor," Seamus breathed. "Where'd ya get it from?" He was tempted to touch it, but something told him it wasn't for him to do.

"More importantly, how did you get it?" Hermione looked at the book again, fascinated.

"Moody. I originally had much grander plans. This was his idea of a consolation prize."

"Moody gave this to ya? Was he drunk?" If there's one thing Seamus had noticed about Moody, it was that he didn't really trust most students with anything. At all.

Hermione rolled her eyes at Seamus' comment. "Whatever the reason, there's obviously something of importance in here that we can use."

Anthony himself wasn't entirely sure why Moody had trusted him with the book. All he could do was shrug. "Maybe he understood how badly we need something like this. After all, there's a good chance that we'll start harming each other, if we didn't already accidentally trap some other fiend in this bubble with us."

It made sense that Moody would try to get them to help themselves. "Have ye been able t' figure anythin' out in it? Anythin' useful?"

"The technicalities of it are astounding, really. Hermione, you should see them, it would blow your mind. It takes a lot to work through it. I can give you a good chunk of the complicated stuff, however," Anthony swallowed, the words to come tasting bitter, "I'll need help in simplifying it. For the masses."

"Simplifyin' fer the masses, eh?" Seamus grinned, but it was a cold smile. "Nice of ye t' share yer brilliance with the common folk, Anthony."

Hermione gave Seamus a dirty look, then nodded to Anthony, understanding. "And that's where we come in. It's nothing to worry about, Anthony. This book is incredibly advanced, even well-trained adult wizards would have trouble making sense of some of these spells."

Anthony ignored Seamus's sarcasm, and continued on. "Right. Now, can you two think of anyone else who might be capable enough to help? People we can teach these spells to, who can then teach those who might have severe problems?" Just the thought of trying to teach Longbottom some of this was enough to make Anthony sweat.

Seamus shrugged and looked at Hermione. They all knew he'd never be able to understand half of this stuff, and was really only there as a show of good faith. Still, he knew people. "Ginny Weasley. Harry, of course."

Hermione nodded in agreement. "Ginny and Harry are the best options. We'll have to talk to them, but I doubt there will be a problem."

"Right. Is Harry getting re-involved with the DA? I'd heard rumors."

"It's possible, though I'm not sure. I need to sit him down and have a chat." Hermione frowned, thinking hard. "As soon as possible, really."

"I think that goes for all of this." Anthony's own brow furrowed. "I can't help but feel that this -- creating defenses, I mean -- is terribly urgent."

"Well sure. The war in here's gonna break out any day now." Seamus was only half listening as he paged through the book, careful not to smudge the pages. "Won't be long before we start killing each other off."

"Seamus!" Hermione glared at him, half-shocked, half-annoyed at his words. "I think that's a bit extreme."

He gave her a look and pushed the hair away from his ear so she could see the mass of scar tissue. "If you say so." He went back to the book.

"While I must say killing is a bit far-fetched, I wouldn't be surprised if attacks started up again. People get antsy and aggravated when trapped." Anthony crossed his arms, still frowning.

"And Bellatrix Lestrange is somewhere in the castle."

"Always a cheerful thought." Hermione was determined not to look at Seamus now.

Anthony shook his head. "Wonderful, isn't it?" He was getting morbid, again. He'd been doing that a lot, lately.

"Field trainin', I'd call it. If we can last in here, Lord What's His Name should be no problem." Seamus had to admit he'd been getting a bit morbid lately. He wondered if he were the only one.

"Well, we can sit here moping about and waiting to kill each other, or we can take advantage of the situation and learn these spells so we don't die." Hermione scowled at the pair of them, wondering just when everyone had given up on the whole fighting and survival bit of life. "I suggest we do the latter."

Anthony looked up from his reverie. "Point taken, Hermione. Touché. We need to do something."

"Well let's get started then, eh? Hermione can get Harry, I'll talk t' Ginny, and you teach all three of them what's goin' on. They'll teach it t' the rest of us." A plan. Hooray.

"Right." Hermione nodded firmly. "And in the meantime, we've all got to juggle schoolwork and personal things. Sound like fun?"

"A blast. As always." Came Anthony's wry reply.

"School work? I knew I forgot somethin'." Seamus looked decidedly nervous all of the sudden.

"Seamus! We have NEWTs in a few months!" Hermione looked scandalized. "Not to mention regular classwork. What have you been doing, if not studying?"

"Em, nothin'." He unconsciously ran his fingers through his hair. The truth of the matter was he'd been spending a bit too much time in front of the mirror combing his hair. It was so shiny!

NEWTs. Anthony sighed. "I think I may go mad before we even have a chance to take our NEWTs. There really is such a thing as too much studying."

"Oh, yeah. I know what ye mean. Studyin' all the time. That's me." He was glad he wore his boots. He was piling it on thick.

"There's nothing wrong with taking a break from studying. What good will it all do you if you have a mental breakdown?" Hermione wasn't sure why she of all people was saying such a thing, but she knew it was true.

"Very, very true." Anthony concurred. "But that having been said, I think I have to return to it, at least for a bit." Though, maybe he could find Morag. That was an appealing option.

Seamus clapped his hands together. "Well all this time around you geniuses has got me all anxious fer some learnin'. I say we break fer now and go our seperate ways, so as not to incite any curiosity into our clandestine dealin's, er somethin' like that."

"As much as I'm loath to say it," Hermione smiled crookedly. "But Seamus is right. We've been here a long time--when we've got everything set, we'll get together again with Harry and Ginny as well, and work on this some more. Agreed?"

Anthony nodded, and carefully picked up the Book of Protection from its spot on the desk. "Agreed."

Seamus saluted. "Aye, aye, Cap'n." He opened the door and poked his head out, making sure the cost was clear. "I'll leave first, then you both follow, aye?" He sauntered out, whistling loudly.

Hermione waited a moment, then smiled at Anthony as she, too, went for the door. "Thank you, for coming to us with this. I have a feeling it's going to be a big help."

"You're quite welcome." Anthony gave her the barest hint of a smile. "I can only hope it proves useful."

He stayed a moment behind, watching Hermione leave before going himself. That was one burden relieved, and hopefully, it would get rid of many more. But until then, it was studying, as always.

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