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Under Siege

Year Seven

Under Siege - The Lost Years
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UNDER SIEGE: The Lost Years

The plot so far…

Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts ended with an unexpected victory for the forces of light, but the celebration did not last long. Immediately following their failure to take Hogwarts, Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters began sacking magical settlements all throughout the British Isles. Throughout the summer, chaos ruled over Wizarding England. By August, dark forces singled out and attacked Wizards living in Muggle areas. No one was safe.

Hogwarts has become the only safe haven.

As the school year begins, the students learn that they are forbidden to step beyond the grounds of Hogwarts for any reason. An ancient charm is placed over the school, keeping Lord Voldemort and his followers out…and the students in.

The Order of the Phoenix, meanwhile, sets up operations within Hogwarts. War is brewing, and the school has become the front line. But as the tension mounts, the students grow restless. They may be safe from the evil without, but what of the evil within?


001.) It goes without saying that you'll need to have an LJ for your character. We ask that you update it in character every week or so. Expect to be poked if you're overdue for an entry.

002.) OOC posts go in the OOC community(under_siege_ooc), or in a well-labeled entry on your character's journal. Never on the main community.

003.) This game is almost entirely based on AOL Instant Messenger, so you'll need to have an AIM name. You don't need a character specific one, although you most certainly can have one if you'd like.

004.) The Moderators (finnigan_awake flaming_weasley and seductive_slyth ) are here to help you. Talk to them. They also will let you know if there's a problem. Don't argue with them, it makes them angry, and you won't like them when they're angry.

005.) Under_Siege is slash-friendly, but it's not slash-stupid. Please, do whatever (or whomever) you want, but keep it in character. And make no mistake, that goes for het, too.

006.) NO NET SPEAK ALLOWED! Travesties to the English language such as "U are so write! ppl LiC u R so WeIrd!!!!!!!!!1111 Plz emal me backiesss!!! L8ters!!! Hugz 'n' Kissez LOL! Lmao!!" Will result in unspeakable pain. We do have a Shaming Ritual, and we're not afraid to use it.

007.) If you have read all the rules and are interested in sending us an application, then please type "Give her hell from us, Peeves" in the subject line of the e-mail, along with the character you're applying for. If you don't have this as your subject heading, we will assume that you did not read all the rules and ask you to apply again.

008.) We ask that you post in some manner at least every 14 days. If you can't, post on the OOC and let us know what's up.

009.) Let the mods and your fellow players know if you will be unavailable for an extended amount of time. We tend to worry.

010.) Remember, this RPG will contain mature themes. Such as, inappropriate language, sexual situations, slash, violence, self-mutilation, drinking, rape, incest, twincest, torture, male/male, female/female, betrayal, and any thing else the members can create. If this bothers you, then please, don't join. We can reccommend some lovely, less threatening games that you might like instead.

011.) Be respectful of other members. We all want to RP, so that means we all have to live together, work together and otherwise tolerate one another. An RPG is like a family: love them or hate them, you're stuck with them, so might as well make the most of it. Disrespect to other players will incite the rage of the mods.

012.) Everyone loves a good avatar, and so do we. Choose someone to represent your character. It can be the actor from the Harry Potter movie, or some other person, or even some good fanart. Just try and find someone that fits the accepted description of the character (example: Elijah Wood will never make a good Ron, no matter how hard you manipulate the pic). Can't make icons? Never fear, someone from the game will gladly volunteer their services.

When completing the application we ask that you use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation (except in speech) and thoroughly think your character through. Detailed applications are always preferable to vague ones.
Also, this is an ADULT role-play. Kids, if you're under 16, we can't help you, not even with a signed note from your parents. We don't want to get in trouble any more than you do.



001.) Name:

002.) Age:

003.) AIM:

004.) Journal (Specify Personal or Character):

005.) Experience?:


001.) Name:

002.) House:

003.) Year:

004.) Background (detailed):

005.) Appearance :

006.) Personality:

007.) Sample RP (Third Person, please):

008.) Sample Journal Entry (First Person, please):

009.) Plans or Plot ideas?:

010.) (Bonus Question!) Why do you think you should be this character?:

Send all applications to


It is possible that the moderators will have plot ideas for your character. If this is the case, they will let you know and ask for your input. Be aware that the mods cannot and will not force you to do anything that you don't want to. On the other hand, they usually have good ideas, and they'll always appreciate the help.

NO original characters ALLOWED. There are, however, canon characters with very little background that are practically a clean slate for a skilled role-player. Do with them what you will, but remember: No Mary-Sues need apply. Mary Sues, like netspeak, will be ridiculed and tormented beyond all reason.

After you apply...
-We will contact you via email just to let you know your application was received, and how long it should be before you can expect a response. This will not likely be longer than a business week (5 days).
-If you are accepted, or if there are questions, one of the mods will contact you via AIM. Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the mods on AIM as well.
-If you are not accepted, you will receive an email from the mods.
-Please note that the game has recently come under new management, and the previous problems with applications have been solved.


We need Characters in bold

Please note that we will not be accepting any further Slytherins aside from adult Death Eaters.


++Lavender Brown - 7th year TAKEN divinelavender

++Colin Creevey - 6th year

++Dennis Creevey - 4th year Dennis is currently in St. Mungoes after having been attacked by Death Eaters.

++Seamus Finnigan - 7th year Quidditch Beater TAKEN finnigan_awake

++Hermione Granger - 7th year TAKEN grangergirlherm

++Neville Longbottom - 7th year

++Natalie MacDonald - 4th year Quidditch Chaser TAKEN natalidreaming

++Parvati Patil - 7th year TAKEN mirrored_vati

++Harry Potter - 7th year Quidditch Captain/Seeker TAKEN hero_inbetween

++Dean Thomas - 7th year

++Ginny Weasley - 6th year Quidditch Chaser TAKEN gingerhair

++Ron Weasley - 7th year Quidditch Keeper TAKEN flaming_weasley

++Random Students - Must be mentioned in books


++Stewart Ackerley - 4th Year

++Nick Bradley - 6th Year Quidditch Chaser

++Mandy Brocklehurst - 7th year

++Terry Boot - 7th year Quidditch Beater TAKEN ootandaboot

++Michael Corner - 7th year Quidditch Beater

++Stephen Cornfoot - 5th year

++Kevin Entwhistle - 3rd year

++Sofie Fawcett - 7th year Quidditch Seeker TAKEN secretsofie

++Anthony Goldstein - 7th year TAKEN thegoldenson

++Su Li - 7th year Quidditch Keeper

++Luna Lovegood - 7th year TAKEN so_loved_luna

++Morag MacDougal - 7th year Quidditch Chaser/Captain TAKEN magical_morag

++Padma Patil - 7th year Head Girl TAKEN twin_padma

++Orla Quirke - 4th year

++Lisa Turpin - 7th year TAKEN blue_lisa

++Random Students - Must be mentioned in books


++Hannah Abbot - 7th year TAKEN hannahmygirl

++Susan Bones - 7th year

++Elenor Branstone - 4th year

++Owen Cauldwell - 4th year

++Justin Finch-Fletchley - 7th year TAKEN finchxfletchley

++Wayne Hopkins - 7th year

++Megan Jones - 6th year Quidditch Seeker/Captain

++Laura Madley - 4th year

++Ernie Macmillan - 7th year Head Boy TAKEN mr_emacmillan

++Zacharias Smith - 6th Year Quidditch Chaser

++Dylan Stebbins - 7th year

++Gerald Summerby - 5th year Quidditch Chaser

++Kevin Whitby - 4th year Quidditch Chaser

++Random Students - Must be mentioned in books


++Malcolm Baddock - 4th year Quidditch Chaser TAKEN malcom_b

++Millicent Bulstrode - 7th year

++Vincent Crabbe - 7th year Quidditch Beater Alternate TAKEN grabbencoyle

++Tracey Davis - 7th year

++Gregory Goyle - 7th year Quidditch Beater Alternate TAKEN grabbencoyle

++Daphne Greengrass - 7th year Quidditch Chaser

++Draco Malfoy - 7th year Quidditch Captain/Seeker

++Theodore Nott - 7th year Quidditch Keeper TAKEN nott_theo

++Pansy Parkinson - 7th year TAKEN seductive_slyth

++Graham Pritchard - 4th year Quidditch Chaser

++Blaise Zabini - 7th year Quidditch Beater TAKEN blackenedblaise

++Random Students - Must be mentioned in books



++Katie Bell

++Sirius Black - Sirius is, by all accounts, dead. Any "resurrection" of the character must be extremely well-written and thought-out

++Angelina Johnson

++Lee Jordan - Auror in training

++Peter Pettigrew

++Alicia Spinnet

++Fred Weasley

++George Weasley

++Percy Weasley - TAKEN percy_imperfect

++Oliver Wood


++Seth Capper - TAKEN seth_capper

++Cho Chang

++Penelope Clearwater

++Roger Davies


None Known


++Avery - Deatheater '70s

++Bletchley - Former Quidditch Keeper (early 1990s)

++Bole - Former Quidditch Beater

++Derrick - Former Quidditch Beater

++Antonin Dolohov - Death Eater, Fought in the Department of Mysteries Battle. Almost killed Hermoine Granger. TAKEN brother_dark

++Marcus Flint - Former Quidditch Captain

++Terence Higgs - Former Quidditch Seeker (early 1990s)

++Bellatrix Lestrange TAKEN black_trick

++Rabastan Lestrange - Brother of Rodolphus. Fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

++Rodolphus Lestrange - Married to Bellatrix. Fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

++Lucius Malfoy

++Narcissa Malfoy

++Montague - Fromer Quidditch Chaser

++Adrian Pucey - Former Quidditch Player

++Tom Riddle Jr./Voldemort - TAKEN serpenttongued

++C. Warrington - Former Quidditch Chaser

++Random Death Eaters - Must be mentioned in books


++Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster) - Member of Order of the Phoenix

++Professor Binns (History of Magic)

++Argus Filch (Caretaker)

++Firenze (Divination)

++Professor Flitwick (Charms, Head of Ravenclaw House)

++Professor Grubbly-Plank (Care of Magical Creatures substitute)

++Rubeus Hagrid (Care of Magical Creatures and Keeper of the Keys and Grounds) - Member of Order of the Phoenix

++Madam Hooch (Basic Flying and Quidditch)

++Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration, Head of Gryffindor House) - TAKEN professormcg Member of Order of the Phoenix

++Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody (DADA Professor) - TAKEN moodys_madeye Member of Order of the Phoenix

++Poppy Pomfrey (Nurse)

++Irma Pince (Librarian)

++Professor Sinistra (Astronomy) - TAKEN sinistardust

++Severus Snape (Potions, Head of Slytherin House) - TAKEN snapierthanthou Member of Order of the Phoenix.

++Professor Sprout (Herbology, Head of Hufflepuff House)

++Professor Vector (Arithmancy)

Order of the Phoenix Members (Not already mentioned)

++Dedalus Diggle

++Elphias Dodge - Member of the Original Order also

++Aberforth Dumbledore - Albus' Brother, May Own the Hogs Head Tavern.

++Arabella Figg - Squib, lives in Harrys neighborhood

++Mundungus Fletcher - Crook

++Hestia Jones

++Remus Lupin

++Sturgis Podmore

++Kingsley Shaklebolt - Auror. Fought at the Department of Mysteries

++Nymphadora Tonks

++Emmeline Vance

++Arthur Weasley

++Bill Weasley

++Charlie Weasley

++Molly Weasley

Other Characters

++Daz the House-elf TAKEN dazzling_elf


++Fleur Delacour

++Viktor Krum

++Other Characters Mentioned in Books

There are a number of still single characters, and relationships are listed here. Feel free to start up new relationships with other characters... just tell the other character first ;) Love Triangles, cheating, betraying, foul play are all encouraged.

All OOC (out of character) talk is to be posted here under_siege_ooc


++Head Master Sometimes in Charge of Superfluous Things: snapierthanthou

New Members - please go here and read any and all posts there.

Current Members - Be sure to keep an eye on the Player Contact List for updates.